Total Winning...
more of a choice,
than circumstance.
Total winning is zen.
Total winning is choice.
Total winning is thinking,
cogitating ways new to you.
Close your mouth for openness.
Seeking what you've not yet noted.
Science moves far back to olden time.
Neural and neutral - closer than they look.
The world is always seeking the neutral mind.
Point to a home as someone tests your base strength.
One finger strong enough to hold tightly to your thumb.
Someone pries your thumb & ring finger apart as you resist.
If it is easy for someone else to pull your fingers apart? Vastu!
Weak energy under that building. Point to the home of a prosperer.
In each case, you will notice that your fingers do not easily come apart.
If a commercial building tests weak, most likely many tenants have been.
If some building looks old and beat up, maybe a dry cleaner or other store,
but if it is hard to pull the 0-ring open, you undoubtedly see prosperity there.
Your opinion on what you know little of has no value or profit to you. Learn!
The Psychology of Shortcuts is richest, with master secrets of the universe.

This is why we do not rent or buy buildings that have very weak vastu. This is winning.
Total winning means both having AND using the best information possible available.
Too many of us have both, only using one or the other. Total winning means both.
Total winning is what happens when we duplicate the recipes of those we admire.
Everything else can easily become secondary around this core and powerful secret.
Imitating the people who do it best genuinely assures you of imitating their results, too

The Psychology of Shortcuts urges you to learn more so that you can live more, effectively.
You only have, what, three, four, five hundred months left? If you think that's a lot, count.
Count the many months already behind you, and how rapidly they have flashed past.
Engage your Psychology of Shortcuts, and a thousand associated schools of action.

Millions and millions of unique pages, from the Psychology of Shortcuts to all the related schools of thinking and doing and being.
With all that, not a shopping cart on any one of the first 23,000,000-plus pages, each unique, each from one pair of hands, to you.
Hundreds of millions of precious, multi-tasking, irreplaceably valuable seconds, invested into helping you to help yourself now

Henry Ford may have said it best when he admonished the world with a quote still oft-cited a century later:
You cannot build a reputation based on what you are going to do."

This is a visceral, and seminal, and indisputably critical foundation of the Psychology of Shortcuts. Consider it again.

When you are reasonably confident that you understand Mr. Ford's admonishment, heed the Psychology of Shortcuts :
Every bit of wisdom you ever encounter has more than one level of profit, and each succeeding level is often better!
Imagine reading a book or three each morn for 16,000 days and past and never finding any exception to this rule.
You are being promised by the Psychology of Shortcuts to grow smarter, truly in one second, by adopting this.

Each portion of wisdom that we ingest from birth to death has a one-liner with multiple meanings.
Pull out the one-liner. Chew it not once or twice, mentally masticate it many times many times.
When you think you understand it, you are surely getting just a part of it, so chew it again.
There is a Psychology of Shortcuts inside of you, just waiting for the very best of you.
Everyone who uses PowerGems, including former idiots, develop rapid mastery.
You will also merit being called a master, and at higher speed than expected.
Total winning tends to call for total preparation in at least one vital arena.
The picture in your mind is not enough to make it happen, still needed,
and it surely has little chance of becoming real without that picture.
First create the image, then use total shortcuts for total winning.

Total winning, as with most every form of excellence in humanity, does not occur by accident.
At its most literal, total winning means total commitment towards an identified and dated goal.

Let The Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity Missions Fill Your Life
MisterShortcut wants you to empower yourself with thousands of unique websites built for YOU

The Psychology of Shortcuts was crafted, produced, & delivered in love of helping people, with superlative shortcuts.
Until these many websites, highly-ranked for hundreds of keyphrases, are sold, the info within them is for YOU.
This sampling of the Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity is your start, & hugely helpful.
MisterShortcut created thousands of self-empowerment websites for YOUR better health & wealth.
Never accept info from a single source, always looking to those who outperform the rest of us.
In return for this billion-dollar network of information, you must agree to help the helpless.
Click the FREE FOOD buttons, or find helpless people or creatures near you to help out.
If only for selfish reasons alone, use the power of Newton's Third Law of Physics.
It is impossible to save lives every day without Life repaying you enormously.
Your opinion is 100% worthless until your experience justifies an opinion.
Save lives every single day and your health and wealth will benefit.
This is one master secret of the universe.   Do more, speak less.

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Total winning does not merely call for, it mandates helping the helpless.

Your faith in the Psychology of Shortcuts calls deep inside of you to understand that, even if for selfish reasons,
helping the helpless is among the wisest, most repetitively profitable undertakings of your lifetime, beyond most others.
Newton's Third Law Of Physics has not been known to fail in the hundreds of years since his passing. USE IT FOR YOURSELF.

Summarily, the more you give, the more you get. The more silently you give, the more you double what you get.

Click on the variety of FREE GIVE buttons spread generously across the Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity.

By the time you have clicked 100x in 100 days, you will either notice prosperity building for you, or forget the Psychology of Shortcuts.
Of course, since the Psychology of Shortcuts is already built into you, that's a loaded guarantee, isn't it? You always have it with you,
Wherever you go, whatever you do, total winning is a state of mind that stays with you around the clock, in all times and all climes.

The more you click on these giving buttons, the more prosperity is generated TOWARDS your life. You can believe it, or not.
More important, more persuasive than your beliefs or opinons are the empirical results enjoyed by all who use Shortcuts!.

Stop wasting the fantastic levels and numbers of resources at your disposal.
Until you teach yourself to get more use of what you already have access to,
there is no chance at all that you will get wealthy by having more come in.

FIRST master what you already have,
and your wealth repeatedly multiplies.

First get more from what you have, and you find yourself getting more.
This is a vital master secret of the universe, a shortcut for total winning.

Imitating those who do best is a high-speed shortcut for imitating their results.
Learn to squeeze more from your tools, which multiplies all the new that comes in.

As always, your opinion, before you do it fully a hundred times or more, means naught.
Run with this master secret of total winning, and enjoy high-speed, convincing results.

Get more from what you have access to,
so that you rapidly get access to more.
Enjoy & exploit this master secret of wealth

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Until these sites are sold, visitors are urged to wring every bit of value from these interactive EyeCandy PowerGem pages
Millions of unique pages on thousands of websites, springing from the Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity.

These are the secrets and shortcuts of people smarter than many of us combined. Learn more, so that you can live more, sweetly.

Enjoy your visits to the Psychology of Shortcuts, perhaps starting with some EyeCandy Shapetalk to help you to help yourself.
The better-equipped you are to help yourself, the more you might help the helpless when you hit your own highest strides., where shapetalk organizes your thoughts as no other known communications do.

Total winning requires the imitation of those who came first, winning most of all.

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Become YOUR Ultimate Me Using Your Own Psychology of Shortcuts version or perception
Stop allowing your limitations to dictate how far you stretch the envelope of YOU.
We are NOT limited by what we think we can do, only by what we think we can't.

Every effort you invest into your own Psychology of Shortcuts is assured of being repaid repeatedly.
Recognizing that you cannot learn less about anything is a significant step towards lifting your wisdom,
elevating what you know into doing more with what you know, an eminent sign of understanding power.
Your mother was wrong to tell you that knowledge is power, because knowledge is not power, by any stretch.
Knowledge is like a hammer sitting on the shelf: It is only useful when you choose to repeatedly apply knowledge.

Each of us has a Psychology of Shortcuts and a Psychology of Longevity deep within us, awaiting OUR best choices.
You are urged to begin using more of what you already know, because you DO possess great knowledge already...

you've simply neglected to make the best use - repeatedly - of the best of what you already know to be true.

Speak less and do more. The results will astound you ...

... and those around you.

Self-empowerment should be self-explanatory to Domainists.

The Psychology of Shortcuts is the ultimate in self-empowerment, with the Godfather of EyeCandy, for You 
These are the great shortcuts of masters and millionaires, the great shortcuts of champions and billionaires,
and, provably, YOUR shortcuts to succeeding. That's why the Psychology of Shortcuts is here for your life.

Truths Of Total Winning - Psychology of Shortcuts - Axioms That Produced the Psychology of Shortcuts !

Lee Iaccoca taught that the ultimate salesman/woman is not the guy or gal that makes the sale, for everyone can make a sale.
The ultimate salesman or saleswoman is the man or woman who gets repeat business...     ... delivering more than promised.

Since the Psychology of Shortcuts delivers more than promised, here are some of the extra freebies we want to include.
Every domain or website purchase from the Psychology of Shortcuts - Psychology of Longevity includes freebies, too.
Buying domains from the Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity may be your profitable investment.
Living the Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity will prove to be your greatest life investment.
When you know what your life mission is, the Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity help.
Knowing where you are going is a function, a feature of total winning, or else you end up elsewhere.
As always, imitating those who are already in a state of total winning saves you time and effort.
Sweat equity is no small value in life. Conserve yours for those things worth doing totally.
One truth of total winning is the habit of delivering even more than you promised.
This is a hallmark of the ultimate salesperson, a hallmark of total winning.

You already know that winning cannot be achieved accidentally.
Winning on purpose is rarely more than a function of imitation!
Imitate the people who are doing it better than you, immediately.
Do so 100x or, if necessary, 1,000x or more.
This warrants and nearly guarantees results,




Total Winning And Wisdom Of Diamonds... In Shapetalk

So, you were wise in how you approached the purchase of a diamond?
You made sure that you did not pay more per carat than you needed to, right?
Diamonds are worthless to the consumer. Among the worst portable wealth tools,
eighty percent of all the diamonds ever dug up from earth sit in the vaults of one family,
which continues a monopoly gory enough for its products to be called "blood diamonds."
You will never actually use a diamond for anything, although you may lose a finger or garment.
You're not alone; not one person in a billion can tell a real diamond from a fake without magnification.
Even WITH magnification, not one in a million, not one in five million, can tell a real diamond from a fake.
The 'six weeks of income' recommended for bridal diamonds, returns many times over when invested.
Is it not far smarter to open a bank account or a future child's education fund, knowing it grows?
Explicate how a shiny rock you will never know is real or fake proves that your love will last.
What is there between your ears besides malleable fluff for advertisers to rip you off with?
When do you stop letting yourself be manipulated by advertisers with dollar agendas?
Can you provide one reason to believe claims that diamonds are a girl's best friend?
Can you back up even ONE of the claims made about blood-drenched diamonds?
Aha! Perhaps you believe that advertisers are good people, looking out for you.
The neural mind is the neutral mind, able to process without vested opinion.
Diamonds have caused, and still cause, unimaginable ongoing bloodshed.
Resellers do nothing to the diamond but charge extra thousands to you.
Diamonds are worthless to you, and shall always be so. Avoid them.
Any girl who responds like a bird to a shiny trinket of glass stone,
any girl who measures the size of love by the size of a diamond,
who will never know if it's real or fake, has dubious priorities.
Wouldn't a female of character invest in your mutual future?
It is wiser to find a romantic lady who values love and life.
They are the old-fashioned kind, romantic good girls,
who participate in the new thoughts we engage in,
where findings are not based on just opinions.
The neural mind is, in fact, the neutral mind.
Total winning is for the most neutral mind.

Shapetalk Secrets of Success - Total Winning With Your Neural Mind Network and Psychology of Shortcuts

Total winning? Has anyone ever done it by accident?
Doing it many times per day is do-able by most everyone.
Of all your choices, total winning is among your most obvious.
Total winning? Attitude supercedes aptitude in realizing altitude.
Total winning? Repeat what is used by those already totally winning.
When you review new information neutrally, you widen your neural net.
It's a very physical, mechanical process, controlled by your conscious mind.
Choosing to take in new information as if it is factual and useful is different.

Now, more than eighty percent of what you take in is only compared to what you know.
Increase your intelligence instantaneously by learning to adopt the opposite position.
After mere minutes of processing this way, you access far more angles of resolution.
Hence, your neural mind is your neutral mind, and the neutral mind is neuralized.
The one act of replacing thought for opinion expands the neural network, now.
Every human raises their intelligence when exchanging opinion for thought.
Like the web of yon spider, expanding your neural net increases its yield,
given to MisterShortcut while simultaneously winning 34 chess games.
Those breaking the most records prove to understand total winning.
Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is your big gift,
which we know well, because we refer to it as "the present."
Take your present and run harder with it than ever before,
running all the way into YOUR concept of total winning.

Elicit more from yourself, and assets you already can access, not least, the Psychology of Shortcuts.
When you embrace excellence just for the sake of being excellent, total winning is one result.
Your next paragraph contains some of the most important information of your lifetime.

None of us, including you, can ever get back the thousands of truly wasted minutes,
adding up to uncountable hours over a lifetime, summarized in a powerful aphorism:
"How I spend my minutes is, for the most part, how I spend my life."
How YOU are spending your minutes is how you are spending your life.
Spend..... or invest.... your most precious possessions,
the seconds and the minutes that make up your hours.
Make the time to stop every single day to enumerate clearly the top five items of the day.
Stop creating opinions. Most of them have proven profitless to you. Think WITHOUT opinions.
Trading just one of every ten petty chatty minutes for a minute of your best thinking gives you profit.

When you regain thousands of your minutes, in just a matter of weeks or months, everything soon changes.
The only opinions you can benefit from are the opinions of those who have repeatedly done it successfully.
The Psychology of Shortcuts is the ultimate in self-empowerment, with the Godfather of EyeCandy, for You 
These are the great shortcuts of masters and millionaires, the great shortcuts of champions and billionaires,
and, provably, YOUR shortcuts for success. That's why the Psychology of Shortcuts is extant for your life.

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If you recognize that our planets residents choose not to treat each other very well,
then you have sufficient awareness of your surroundings to make a huge difference.
Selfish benefit is your best reason for helping the helpless.
If you think that you can save lives every day for thousands of days, or even hundreds of days...
without having the universe generously repaying you, then you still don't know Newton's Law.

How sweet it is: Reduce starvation, and more, with FREE CLICKS. Sponsors pay for each click - Wow!
What goes up, must come down, what goes around comes around. Help the helpless, to see the action.
When you save lives, you can be ENTIRELY confident that the universe will repay you, & prolifically.
You know that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. This is one way to profit from it.
Even when giving selfishly, helping the helpless is a core generator for YOUR total winning.

Hunger and Poverty:
Let's end starvation
Live the Psychology of Longevity
Help others to live stronger longer
BE Your Psychology of Shortcuts
Giving Means Getting

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Total Winning Number Four
Assist the Psychology of Shortcuts in helping TheHungerSite feed starving kids - NO CHARGE.
If you saw someone else easily saving a hundred lives, you might well say, "Hey, Total Winning."
This is where the Psychology of Shortcuts asks you to separate all that you know, from what you do.
Doing it yourself is one way that you get to be described as someone finely committed to total winning.
Even tiny steps such as daily clicking of a free button inevitably add up to, yes, indeed, your total winning.
If ever you do comprehend the life-improving powers of helping the helpless, this is a time to launch forwards.

Talk about total winning! How can you not benefit from saving a hundred lives or more in a hundred days or less?

Erasing Hunger - You ARE all that
Total Winning In Giving!
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This is among the most rewarding, self-profitable functions of YOUR Psychology of Shortcuts.

Clicking through once each day means you get to save hundreds of lives each year.   This engages power!
Total winning is hardly possible without sharing and giving, and, total winning also requires serious giving.
We cannot avoid the physical laws, including "What goes around..."

Saving lives?   It counts... for and against YOUR life account, true?

To be a total winner requires total winning strategives.
There are few strategives as fast and useful as giving.
So, for selfish reasons alone, learn to give, more.
Thus, another multi-meaning PowerGem for YOU

More Shortcuts and Shapetalk From The Psychology of Shortcuts : - The Godfather of Shortcuts & EyeCandy invested over 181,000,000 precious, irreplaceable seconds to be your Psychology of Shortcuts Shapetalker
A delightful mashup of PowerGems, true wisdom delivered in Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity EyeCandy - A shapetalking corner
Collection of wisdom-rich Shapetalks. EyeCandy presentations of the PowerGems that constitute the Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity - In referring to the Psychology of Shortcuts, shortcuts IS the name of the game, the game of life, personified and vivified by YOUR Psychology of Shortcuts - Such as sweet domain and sweeter website - surely the shortcut capital of the internet, since we know one shortcut can be YOUR big acceleration shortcut - When embracing the Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity with fullest ardor, shortcuts do become me - delightful one-word domain - The first shortcut you choose can easily be the one shortcut that serves you best. Start with just one shortcut, and then expand to more of them. - Demonstrating that great shortcuts are universal, from the UK to every other place where the Psychology of Shortcuts is adopted - embraced - Godfather of EyeCandy, Godfather of Shortcuts - surely the Psychology of Shortcuts is inclined toward this domain as its one true name - Premium one-word domain that gladdens the heart of your host, the Psychology of Shortcuts of masters, champions, millionaires - Making space for shortcuts in one's repertoire is positively rubeficient to our acceleration of effective success - Considering that MisterShortcut dedicated his life to shortcuts, is a shortcuts website not appropriate?

Learn QRA To Become Bidigitally Proficient, because bidigital proficience pays off handsomely!
Total Winning In Health Is Critical To A Successful Life! Improve YOUR odds of living stronger for longer, naturally.

Don't forget to learn QRA testing - takes under 30 seconds to learn how, for total winning in health.

There is no test within the allopathic paradigm you are likely to ever learn that is more accurate, more useful, more informative!
Becoming bidigitally proficient gives you knowledge, power, and even greater intellect.
Learn the one-second energy test today! Immediately see what makes you weak or strong.
GUESSING or merely BELIEVING a clerk's promise that something is healthy for you is insufficient.
Learn how to use the one-second energy test to determine what makes you test weak, or strong.

You are promised to be amazed. Suspend opinions, and practice the test a few times. Speak less, do more.
"Stunning" is the least of what you'll likely respond with when you learn to test with a friend.

This entire network aims to be largest forum and resource for total winning that has ever existed.
For those who subscribe to their own Psychology of Shortcuts, total winning is an inevitable result.


Total Winning Does Not Mean Halfway, Total Winning Is Reserved For True Winners

Total winning means near-totality of the use of shortcuts,
not once, not twice, but all the way up to Total Winning level.
Enrich your potential with action at the Psychology of Shortcuts.
Delivered because you deserve to excel using great shortcuts
You might even presume that all this is produced to promote,
not merely a product, rather, YOUR progress into success.
and delivered up unto you by the CEO of your fan club,
committed to helping YOU to achieve total winning.

The Psychology of Shortcuts and the Godfather of EyeCandy, for You, because you are entirely worth it, and more.
The world urgently needs correction from decent people, so, we turn average people into their internal superstars.
Consider the Psychology of Shortcuts to be an institution that believes in you, and for a range of good reasons.
These are the best shortcuts of masters and millionaires, the best shortcuts of champions and billionaires,
and provably YOUR best shortcuts to succeeding at approximately every known endeavor a human can take.
Enjoy, and teach yourself here, the Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity are here for your life.
Since you cannot build a reputation on what you are going to do, focus on total winning as your own new way of life.
No one is going to be totally winning on your behalf, this is a do-it-yourself effort that lasts your whole useable lifetime.

Psychology of Shortcuts Total Winning Closing Shapetalk - Stick To, Stick With, Your Best Thoughts!

Total winning does not have to be a secret, although you already know that total winning HAS BEEN kept a secret.
The Psychology of Shortcuts seeks to even the playing fields, so that no-chancers become good-chancers. It's on you.
Total winning is a choice, total winning is a chance, a chance for you to prove that you are all that you have been told... plus.

Awaken the Psychology of Shortcuts within you. Imitate those who do better. Improve today by one percent. Help the helpless.
These are master secrets of the universe that work for the people who own the country you live in today. Sorry, it is provably true.
What you know, what you think you know, are but secondary and tertiary considerations, in view of what you do with what you know.
Your opinions cannot prove the Psychology of Shortcuts right or wrong, only the actions that you repeatedly take toward total winning.

Total winning is a choice, in re health as well as wealth. Seek and find more role models to imitate.
Among the fastest ways to learn how to consistently win is to persistently imitate those doing it better.
Total winning is a student fulfilling the teacher's goal, for the student to become better than the teacher.
Total winning is your successful combining of the Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity.
Waking up smiling because of the Psychology of Longevity is a form of total winning, physically, right?
Waking up smiling with Psychology of Shortcuts PowerGems, more total winning, as you shall see.

    Total Winning Techniques Electrify Your Life And Results - as quickly as you use them
 Web - "Total Winning"  Psychology of Shortcuts results for "Total Winning". et alia

Total Winning | Enter The Largest Free Personal Website Online - Total winning with great shortcuts - Success is yours for the taking
Launch the most empowering journey of your life. Total winning techniques apply to our health as much as it does to our prosperity, relations, financial wealth, and more. Teach yourself how to succeed faster and more effectively with the use of the world's best secrets for total winning. IMITATE THOSE WHO ARE DOING IT BETTER!
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Great Shortcuts For Total Winning - Masters and Millionaires Know The Secrets Of Total Winning!
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Total Winning Based On Commonalities Of Masters and Millionaires

Among the most fascinating, compelling commonalities of masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires,
is the fact that, far, FAR more often than not, they tend to encourage other people, rather than tear them down.

In the pleasure of reciting thousands of digits of Pi 5 to 10x faster than world champions,
MisterShortcut shares the longest legitimate (useful) domain name on the internet, with chuckles:

Approximately every one of us is surrounded by people who seem to be 'expert…' at catching us red-handed.
Whether the people around us are total winners or at least part-time losers can be assessed by what they find.
Those who habitually catch other people red-handed in the act of doing something wrong & making a big deal of it,
show a fair tendency to be polar opposites from those who catch us red-handed in the act of doing somehing right.
One feature of total winning is catching people doing something right… and then making a big deal of THAT, instead.

Clearly granted, there are occasional exceptions to the general rule, such as if your job is to catch so-called bad actors.
With respect to total winning, this key factor and feature that separates winners for losers is, nevertheless, pervasive.
At work, at play, in school, even in houses of worship and sundry places of training, this axiom of life prevails, yes?

In most every human environment, we can find people apprehending others in the act of both wrong and right,
both mediocre (or worse), and excellence as well. What say we make YOU an expert in the latter, specifically.

This means making the fine habit of observing when others do something right, and then calling them out on it.
It's a sweet inversion of a bitter, nearly always unpleasant occurrence in life, getting 'called out,' true enough?

Paying attention is a big part of total winning. Noticing excellence in others is a critical part of total winning.
If you think it's even vaguely possible, let alone viable, to be a true winner without the quality of PRAISE,
a willingness to both be aware of the people who outperform at least themselves, sometimes others,
and making an appropriate fuss about their excellence, then you're missing the vitally obvious:
We're not alone. Excellence begets excellence, winning begets more winning around us.
The relatively simple act of elevating this to a habit is a cornerstone of total winning.

Extra treat:
Striving to create the world's longest legitimate URLs is a treat of endeavoring towards the goal of total winning.


are both homages to Pi, and MisterShortcut's fantastic reciting of Pi, into the thousands...
five to ten times faster than any of the known world champions of Pi reciters! Wow and Wow!!

As well, computing Fibonacci sequence terms into the millions and beyond led to creating Fibonacci sites.

The underlying point is that YOU get to define what total winning is, and what constitutes achieving that ideal.
Reach for the best in you. Every human has championship within them. Define it, divide it into smaller pieces.
Then, speak less and do more, imitating the people you most admire, and find that you imitate their results.

MisterShortcut: "Total Winning Is More Of A Matter Of Choice Than A Matter Of Chance"
Masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires... provide each of us with guidestones and guidelines for total winning,
not least because, when all is said and done, we find that total winning is more a matter of choice... than one of mere chance.